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Used Thermoforming Illig RV 74 (Vente)

Used Thermoforming Illig RV 74

Prix :10 € ht

Année : 1997

Marque : Illig

Modèle : RV74

Etat : Tres bon état

Used Thermoforming Illig RV 74Used Thermoforming Illig RV 74Used Thermoforming Illig RV 74

Thermoforming Illig RV 74

used machine

Illig RV 74
Year : 1997

Forming Area (Vxh): 700x500

Depth Of Draw: 120 mm

Material Thickness (Min): 0,15 mm

Material Thickness (Max): 2 mm

Number Of Stations: 3

Feeding Systems:Roll fed

Other Specifications:
Forming - cutting - stacking

Forming machine:
Min-max forming area : 400x250-700x500
Min-max film width: 440-750mm
Height of parts above / below the film level: 120 / 40mm
Diameter of Film Reel: 1200mm
Connected electric power from upper-lower heater: 16.2kW
Level of the film: 1300mm
Max speed: 20 / min
Weight: 2600kg
Vacuum forming only

Cutting unit :
Cutting area at top and bottom table: 700x500mm
Cutting height above / below film level: 120 / 40mm
Cutting force: 50,000 daN
Connected electric power of heating: 6.4kW

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